"You only become empowered when you are not financially dependent on another"

believes our Founder, Megha B Purohit who was raised in the Himalayan Valley of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Over the years, she has seen and met brilliant, skilled, and passionate Himalayan women with tremendous potential who due to insufficient financial support and lack of opportunity for their endevours, struggle to make a sustainable living.

About Giri Foundation

Giri Foundation is a global Non-Profit Organization that aims to uplift the lives of 1 million Himalayan women in the coming years. To achieve this, the foundation will harness the passion and commitment of these women by providing them skill training, focusing on business and financial literacy, management skills, and confidence building. The vision is to make them stable, provide sustainable employment or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Giri Foundation provides a tri-fold strategic solution and promotes “Beti Kamao” along with the ongoing “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” narrative which has picked up momentum all across India. The task is not just to educate but to ensure that these women are integrated into the economy.

Problem Statement

Geographical remoteness reduces access to opportunities and impacts reach and the ability to benefit from various schemes designed for the upliftment of women. In addition, demands of the terrain make day-to-day tasks difficult and time-consuming. Together with a lack of awareness of existing schemes, insufficient guidance and financial support available, these factors come in the way of Himalayan women being able to capitalize on their skills and translate these into sustainable livelihoods.

Other major concerns that the Foundation wants to address—

  • Gender biasness/inequality : Even after skill training, the likelihood of women to obtain a job was lower than men. Issues like mobility restrictions, pre-existing societal notions/ norms play a crucial role. Along with biased behavior by employers, mechanization of jobs also substantially adds to this disproportionate entry in the labor force.

  • Limited Entrepreneurial exposure : The women of Himalayas lacks business and financial knowledge, the correct market exposure and self-confidence required for entrepreneurial work.

  • Limited knowledge of government schemes/private support : Finally, there are many government schemes that are aimed towards uplifting women. Yet, they often do not produce the desired results since they don’t reach many women and fail to address the core issue of lack of awareness of these initiatives at a grass root level. This leads to missed opportunities and overlooking the resources these women can provide.


The goal of uplifting the lives of 1 million women shall be achieved by the transformative process of empowering them through financial independence, linking them to existing skilling and other schemes, creating an ecosystem for women in remote areas by bringing the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities at their doorstep. It will act as a platform to connect with the world, resulting in their empowerment and becoming financially self-sufficient

Vision Statement

Providing employment or entrepreneurship opportunity to 1 million Himalayan women in the coming years.


The main objective is to make the Himalayan women more skilled in their area of expertise, financially stable, have a sustainable livelihood, and explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

Why Giri Foundation

We’re striving to bridge the gap of women’s participation in the workforce by understanding women’s needs and executing this process by driving them towards financial independence.

We are not only skilling women or providing financial support, but we are also finding them jobs opportunities that will give their financial journey a steady foundation. Giri Foundation helps build profitable business models for women which are scalable and more suited to the current market trends.

Giri Methodology

Connect Giri Demand

By partnering with global and national brands and bringing opportunities to the doorstep of rural women entrepreneurs, the foundation provides greater outreach while maintaining fair trade practices and assuring quality checks. This ensures that women earn what they deserve for the goods they produce.

Enable Giri Skilling

The Foundation provides training opportunities by partnering with relevant institutes and is focused on understanding business, financial literacy, management skills as well as incorporating confidence building as a means to upskill women.

Empower Giri Finance

To close the loop, Giri Foundation also works towards exploring financing opportunities to women through Government and Non-Government entities. Financial security is the ultimate goal and that is done so with the support of the Indian Government.

Primary Focus Areas

Giri Foundation has begun work in villages of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and Uttarakhand. The Foundation intends to expand its base and help women in the mountains of Nepal, Bhutan and other remote hilly regions, once we succeed in India.