Your time and talent can make a
real difference in people’s lives.

Our vision is to provide employment to a million women in the mountains of India by 2025.

There are lot of ways you can help us with

Ready to volunteer?

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Take a leadership role

Board Members
Serve on local boards and help with fundraising and marketing programs. Be the face of our foundation in your community and ensure we are serving your community well


Community Volunteer Leader

Community Volunteer Leaders (CVL) act as a “face of our foundation ” to the community and focus upon recruiting volunteers and managing
key local relationships

Volunteer Services
Assist with volunteer recruitment, placement, record keeping and recognition.

Assist us in raising funds

Special Events
Support fundraising and special events

Thank a Donor
Make calls to thank our charity financial donors

Find Donors
Promote foundation to potential donors.

Communicate the vision

Grant Researching/Writing
Assist the fundraising team as they research, write and execute grants.


Work on our messaging and content that goes out in the public to various stakeholders including
communities, government, other non-profits, donors, and public at large.


Provide presentations about foundation in the community.

Assist with global industry partnerships

Industry partners relationship
Assist in finding and coordinating with industry partners


Quality Control
Participate in quality control process to ensure goods and services build by women are of high quality standards before they get shipped to global industry partners

Help us up-skill the women

National skill center partnerships

Partner with skill centers, logistics, and demand-supply​

Teach a skill
Teach a class of women on textile, handicrafts, or data entry / classifications