Fair Trade

Updated: Apr 2

“Fair trade is an agent of change. It promotes a way of living.” ~ by Raul de Aguila

Today’s radical and versatile society has given birth to various popular notions. One of such extravagance is the conceptualisation and adaption of fair trade. Fair trade is an important aspect and essence to the working, marketing ploy. Which initialises the consumer to make-believe over the fact that the goods purchased are one of worth and are good to consume upon. Fair trade is an assessment designed to aid the producers of developing countries in order to flourish and achieve sustainable, equitable trade relationships. It is a partnership which is firmly based on the dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks greater ownership in International Trade. This network works on the belief in sustainable development by holding out better trade conditions with improved social and environmental standards. It further endorses the marginalised producers and workers by securing their rights and by withholding their commitment towards these workers. The members of this organisation improve the cost of the production for the exporters so as to benefit the producers. The organisations and agencies working under have their pure allegiance towards the expression of fair trade. Fair trade is more than just trading. Its sole purpose is to uplift the people and planet before profit. It works for the eradication of poverty, climate change, and injustice. The basic structure of the theme of Fair trade revolves around the enterprise models of the new economy. To understand fair trade better, let's start from the beginning when the fair trade vision was first see