Our Work


This wing is established to form partnerships with global retail brands and corporate houses to fulfill the demand for women to develop and sell textile and handicraft to retail brands or provide data entry or classification services to corporate houses.


Giri Foundation understands quality control is the most important facet for global brands. Quality control on products produced from the Giri network as well as triangulated quality checks on data entry/classification jobs are initiatives Giri Demand takes very seriously. 


If you would like to inquire about some products and prices,

please reach out to us at info@girifoundation.org with the subject line as ‘Corporate Partner’


While there are 10,000 skill development centers in India, thanks to the Skill India initiative and National Skill Development Corporation, Giri foundation will be focused on skills wherein demand can be scaled and is relevant to market conditions like:


Indian textile has reached parts of global mainstream fashion, although from specific places. Mountain textile, be it pashmina, carpets, shawls, needs more limelight. Through Giri Demand, the demand for such products will be created but needs to be supplemented with women enrolling and certifying themselves through skill courses in textile.


Papier mache, basohli, and pahadi paintings, woodwork needs more push. Giri Demand, along with skill courses in handicraft, will enable women to meet the demand for these products.

Data Entry / Classification

India is a big hub of English-speaking population with average proficiency. There is a huge untapped market of women sitting at home who are proficient in English, have mobile phones with internet, and can take data entry / classification jobs to supplement a workforce or create new data-sets for the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Google Maps utilized thousands of women in Hyderabad to tag locations and streets on maps; why not scale it nationally.


Mudra Yojana, an initiative by the Government of India, helps provide zero or low collateral loans to non-corporate non-farm small/micro-enterprises. With over 59 million loans sanctioned with a total principal amount of $42 Billion in 2019, this initiative is a success. There are three kinds of loans depending on the stage of growth of that enterprise ranging from INR 0 - 50,000 as start-up capital, INR 50,000 - 5,00,000 for asset capital, and 5,00,000 to 10,00,000 for growth capital. 


Giri Finance will utilize Mudra Yojana women-led small enterprises in villages while utilizing a network of microfinance organizations for individual loans.