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While women participation in the labor force is flat at 20% for urban areas, it declined from 50% in 1980s to 30% in 2000s in rural areas even though primary, secondary, and tertiary education in women increased by at least 50 - 80% from 1980s to 2000s.


Giri Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to help women get skilled, financed, and get sustainable and stable work or entrepreneurial opportunities. 


Our vision is to extend India’s mission of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (save a girl, educate a girl) to include Beti Kamao (employ a woman).


The mountain women of India don’t have access to right opportunities like the urban cities, although they have similar or more passion to work and make a living by themselves.

Our vision is to provide employment to a million women in the mountains of India by 2025.

We will ride on the infrastructure created by the Government of India on

Skill India and Mudra Yojana (Financial support), while heavily investing to find right opportunities globally in the fields of textile, handicrafts, and crowdsourcing.


Giri Foundation is built on three pillars to activate this vision.

Giri Demand

Giri Demand finds and works with global retail brands who are looking for high-quality fair-trade artisan supplies from the source for their stores and global corporate houses who are looking for crowdsourcing jobs like data entry or classification.

Giri Demand will also continually track and ensure quality of output generated by women to keep the demand warm.

Giri Skill

Giri Skill coordinates with national skill development centers and provide textile, handicraft, or data entry courses to women in the mountain.

Giri Finance

Giri Finance coordinates with Mudra Yojana and other micro-finance institutions to provide loans to women to get the right tools to meet the demand of global retail and corporate houses.

How are we different

For women, by women

We understand women’s needs and what pushes them to
financial independence.

Solving the last mile

We are not only skilling women or providing them loans, but
also finding jobs and opportunities for them to make it a realty.

Solving the last mile

Giri Foundation is after money making opportunities for
women which are scalable and more practical to recent
market trends.